The impact of skydiving on your body

Uticaj padobranstva na Vaše telo

The impact of skydiving on your body

It may sound a little dramatic, but when you do your first tandem parachute jump, you’ll never be the same again. The side effects of skydiving are not always what you would expect, and through our time in sports, we have seen that people experience changes both psychologically and physically. We spent some time covering the positive mental benefits that come from parachuting, but what about the effects of parachuting on the body?

The effects of parachuting on the body can be divided into two groups: short-term effects of parachuting on the body and long-term effects of parachuting on the body. Let's get straight to the point, what happens to your body when you parachute?

A rush of adrenaline
Most people are quite familiar with the first effect of parachuting on the body that we will discuss: the rush of adrenaline! As your body experiences increased levels of adrenaline, during the jump and immediately after, the effects of skydiving on the body are physically manifested as increased heart rate, increased blood flow, dilated pupils, relaxed airways, and shallow breathing. This healthy stimulus causes the release of endorphins into the bloodstream. The current result is sharpened mental clarity, a feeling of euphoria, and even a temporary increase in physical strength!

Long-term effects of skydiving

Defining muscles
You don't have to work out in the gym every day to get the sculpted definition you want in those beautiful back muscles! We present you with a parachute training plan!
To maintain stability in free fall, paratroopers who fall in the direction of the abdomen towards the ground improve the position we call "bow". In order to bend properly, the hips are pressed forward and down towards the ground, the head and chin are slightly bent upwards, and the legs are stretched out, providing only a little positive pressure against the wind. Maintaining this position requires a little muscle and the more you do it, the stronger you become. One of the long-term effects of skydiving is to increase muscle strength along the spine.

Increase in endurance levels
In tandem parachuting, your instructor will carry a 30-pound parachute package. As solo paratroopers, the weight is on you! The equipment you will have to lift is not that heavy, but it is quite enough to make a difference.
Every time you go to the plane, you will carry 20 kilograms of excess with you. When you land and rush out of the landing area to start again, the weight goes with you. Now imagine if you do it 6-7 times a day. It is easy to see how the gradual "trainings" will add up. It may be difficult at first, but over time you will notice a fairly significant increase in endurance levels.

A bit of relaxation
The third long-term effect of skydiving on the body is increased flexibility. As mentioned above, the position of the arch body is crucial for a stable free fall of the abdomen to the ground. With each jump you make, your body builds muscle memory that allows it to take up a position with greater ease. An additional advantage is that you will find that you are a little more bent on the ground!

Don't procrastinate! Take advantage of these fantastic parachute effects on your body and schedule your tandem parachute jump today!