Why do people parachute?

Why do people parachute

Why do people parachute?

The oft-mentioned quote inspired by the words of St. Thomas Aquinas deals with the difficulty of explaining why people jump with a parachute: "Those who jump do not need an explanation, and for those who do not jump, an explanation is not possible."

What an unsatisfactory answer, right? Although there is a lump of truth above (it is almost impossible to fully explain why people jump with a parachute), there are several common reasons why people choose to fly.

Overcoming fear
Fear, in general, results in inaction. What if you didn't let fear hold you back? We bet you would give an interview for that dream job, instead of sticking to the same routine, or maybe you continued a love interest that you thought was out of your league. Maybe you would go on that adventure that you weren’t quite sure you were ready for. Many people parachute because they want to face the challenge and use the opportunity. After all, if you can gather the mental strength to jump off a plane, what could ever keep you in the whole known world again?
Skydiving gives you more than confidence. It tests your courage and rewrites who you are and how you react to obstacles.

There is no denying that skydiving is a thrill. You will make a path of 13,000 feet above the ground before you take that crucial step into the boundless blue place. In a few seconds, you will reach a speed of 120 km / h and enjoy this incredible free fall for almost a minute. Then you will experience bliss as a beautiful parachute unfolds above you and your instructor leads you back to the ground below. Skydiving is a rush unlike any other. So much so that your brain causes a chemical cocktail of adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. It is known that this mix causes a feeling of euphoria and that it will literally leave you on the cloud for nine hours after that.
PFor many beginners, the promise of an exciting experience is the primary reason they parachute.

Parachute community
You may notice something in just a few moments in the fall zone: strangely, everyone seems to be tuned to the same frequency. The environment is lively and the people are happy. If you talk to any licensed parachutist, they will probably tell you that they found their way to the dropzone just to feel the excitement we mentioned above, but they stayed in the sport because of the parachuting community.
As a group, paratroopers are people who have fallen in love with life. They strive to make the most of every day given to them and seek to see others do the same. They are a group of passionate individuals who have come together. If you need reinforcements, whether it's parachuting or not, the parachuting community is here to help. The amount of support within this special group is practically unmatched, so you will often see how the parachute community easily gathers when a member needs it.

There are no unique reasons to go to the skies. The specific motives for parachuting may vary from person to person - but we can say with certainty that the freedom that experience provides is universal.

To make the most of your parachuting experience, it is important that you feel comfortable throughout the process. In the end, this level of comfort comes down to choosing an object that is in line with your values. At Tandem Skok Belgrade, we are committed to five basic principles: security, inclusiveness, customer service, professionalism, and fun. These are the principles of our work and they guide every decision we make.

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