Parachuting as a relaxation therapy

Padobranstvo kao terapija opuštanja

Parachuting as a relaxation therapy

Therapy takes many different forms. For some, it’s a quiet walk at dusk or getting up early for a morning cup of coffee on the porch at dawn. Many times therapeutic activities are associated with calm, soft moments, but for many, this kind of "silence" comes in the form of a 120 km / h free fall chase. It may not seem like the most peaceful endeavor, but one of the advantages of skydiving is the unexpected therapeutic experience.

Skydiving therapy often requires participants to face their feelings directly. Instead of suppressing the emotions that are aroused in them, the participant experiences a wide range of feelings that accompany parachuting (anxiety, excitement, fear, joy) and comes out on the other side calm and focused. The benefits of skydiving are numerous. Here are the different ways in which positive results of parachute therapy are manifested.

Improved stress response
Stress is all around us. With work deadlines, finances, and family quarrels, there may seem to be no way to escape, and you know what? It does not exist. There is no "stress avoidance" in today's world, but there are many ways to manage stress. One of the benefits of skydiving is that it allows you to reshape your mind about stress. Stress is not necessarily something to be avoided, it is something you can get stronger from. Skydiving shows us that even in times of significant stress it is possible to persevere. In addition, unlike other forms of stress, skydiving is great fun. Several activities so closely compare the two, fun and stress.

Lasting smile
Do you know the feeling you have when you succeed? Feeling dizzy with enthusiasm when your recreational team takes home the title? Lack of courage for skydiving can be difficult, but once you land from that first jump on a vast green field, you will be instilled with a sense of strength that is rarely achieved. If you can do this, you can do it all.

Mood improvement
Similar to the endorphins that are released after a nice, sweaty workout, when you parachute, the brain releases a chemical cocktail of pleasant feelings that will lift your mood better than any pair of pink glasses. While the increased levels of dopamine produced by parachuting certainly help you achieve a more pleasant mood, the complete sense of acceptance generated by the parachutist community will really lift your spirits. Once you make a parachute jump, you enter an exclusive fold: you bravely went where others were afraid.
The value of this connection simply cannot be underestimated. Those who parachute make lifelong friendships that can overcome almost any difference. But to really see what we mean, you must first make that famous first parachute jump.

To experience the multiple mental benefits of skydiving, you need to be prepared to jump out of your comfort zone. Believe us, what is on the other side is completely worth it.

Fly today and experience parachuting therapy firsthand!