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Tandem Jumping Belgrade


You must have at least 14 years and required the presence of a parent or guardian. You can have a maximum weight of 100 kg and thereby be in normal physical condition. If you want to jump, and you have more than 100 kg, please contact us previously required.

Of course it's dangerous. Jumps from airplanes three miles above the earth. A gravity is working guaranteed! The only thing that stands between the skydiver and his fatal attack on the ground is a piece of nylon size of the average living room. What part of the story about the dangers you have any problems?

This is a much better question ... We have the most modern equipment, tandem , which is izdrađena the most rigorous international standards parachute . Maintenance and packaging tandem parachute instructors perform with world- renowned , professional licenses. Reserve parachutes are particularly meticulously packaged and repackaged in standard intervals , even though they are not opening the jump. Although skydiving potentially risky sport , such as, for example , driving a car potentially risky activity , we take every measure to ensure maximum security for you while you are at the airport . Do you think it is a good idea to drive a car with worn brakes and tires ... ? The short answer to the initial question is that the parachute sport, in this day and age , it seems everything necessary for it to be as secure as possible , and we, implement all necessary procedures and measures in the entire parachute process to you after a tandem jump with the airport left only with the best impressions.

The parachute canseling, in terms of irregularities opening, although very rare, they still occur. Therefore, each parachute system on the planet, has a main and reserve parachute. In case of failure of the main parachute in a tandem jump, tandem instructor's task to the prescribed procedure open parachute.

It means you have a really bad day! Statistically speaking, more likely to die in a car accident on Your way to the airport. Or to win a on lottery. We don’t intend to deceive you, skydiving is a dangerous sport if you don’t take the necessary measures and procedures in the preparation and implementation of the rebounds. We always treat with due respect to what we are doing, we eliminate potential risk factors, and we are aware of the dangers that can arise, but we are trained and have experience of what to do when dangerous situations arise.

The height is 3000 meters and free fall from that height during the tandem jump takes about 40 seconds, which depends on the weight and height of a jumper. After opening the parachute at about 1200 feet, flight with the dome last about 5 minutes, during which You can enjoy the stunning view wich extends on that height. If you want to try to manage the open dome, look to the tandem instructor. If possible and safe at that point, the instructor will most likely allow you to experience this experience for some time. If he doesn’t let You, don’t forget that tandeminstruktor is professional whose job is to care about your safety during a tandem jump.

The plane is up to 3000 meters takes about 25 - 35 minutes, depending on the type of aircraft which is outstanding. People who first jump generally have the impression that the time elapsed more quickly than usual.

During a short training before the tandem jump, the instructor will teach you the proper way to lift your legs just before landing, he would let his feet touched the ground during landing. On this occasion, will perform a standard maneuver dome which provides "soft" landing, and then hitting the ground is weaker than that jump from ordinary chairs.

At 200 km / h, inhalation is very easy. If you have any problems with breathing out, scream and panic, because it is the one way that you can remove the air from the lungs. After that, breathe again, which, as already mentioned, very easily at that speed. In short, yes, you can breathe in freefall.

Yes and no. Don’t expect it to be easy to talk in free fall, but you will not need earplugs. The only thing that can possibly make the "problem" is that You are not used to loud hiss of the wind. The noise is similar to that when You hold head out the car window. When moving quickly, of course.

Yes. We offer a photography and video shooting of tandem jumps. The service includes a minimum of 30 digital photographs and video footage tandem training, flying a plane, the entire duration of the jump and landing by parachute. Video of the jump you'll get a few days after a jump in DVD format along with digital photographs.

Tandem master who jump with you, has on his hand professional camera with which captures your preparation tandem jump. You will be recorded during the free fall and parachute opening. There will also be recorded your landing.

Much of the fear of heights (acrophobia) has to do with relativity. But not with Einstein's relativity, but the perception of objects that are moving relative or relative to one another. At 3000 meters, the country is far down and you can’t say you are above anything. The view is completely different from the one you have when you climb the ladder from which you can see things under him and assess the distance to them. At about 700 meters, the soil becomes too remote and the problem disappears with acrophobia. Do you think that a normal person, even if it was a paratrooper and not afraid to stand on the edge of a high building 50 meters?