Why is tandem jumping the best choice?

An amazing experience

Why is tandem jumping the best choice for beginners in skydiving?

Have you tried rollercoaster, bungy jumping, or paragliding? Still, feeling like you want something crazier with even more adrenaline? Tandem jump Belgrade is here to throw you out of the comfort zone, to break the fear of heights, to test your capabilities to the limit! Jump from a plane with an instructor who is there to take care of your safety and to be a part of this unreal adventure with you.

Experience things that are hard to describe: 20 minutes of flying to the desired altitude, jumping from a plane, free fall at 220 km / h from 30 seconds to an incredible 80 seconds (free fall length depending on which tandem package you choose ), 6-7 minutes parachute flight with a panoramic view of Belgrade, and of course landing where you will find the person who is your support who came with you to accompany the whole event. We record every part of the jump with the most modern GoPro cameras, in Full HD resolution. We send recordings and images to your email via transfers that can be easily downloaded to any of your devices in 2-3 clicks.